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Top Technology Vendors Rebrand, Launch Borrower Intelligence Platform

Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach announced their union under the new name TrustEngine, an identity that embodies the merged organization’s vision to help lenders drive undeniable value as clients’ trusted financial advisors. The name also reflects the brand’s heritage as a trusted service provider to mortgage lenders for more than a quarter-century. The new name takes effect immediately and coincides with the beta release of the TrustEngine Borrower Intelligence Platform, a solution that wraps around the entire mortgage tech stack to drive volume by identifying loan opportunities and engagement strategies tailored to each borrower’s needs.

Borrower intelligence platforms (BIP) are rapidly gaining traction as a mandatory technology for modern mortgage lenders. The TrustEngine Borrower Intelligence Platform was designed to drive increased loan applications, customer loyalty and team performance by collecting, enhancing and analyzing borrower data; prescribing actionable borrower opportunities; pacing opportunity delivery; guiding compelling borrower and loan officer interactions that convert; and providing comprehensive performance measurement and refinement.

“We are thrilled to debut our new name and our Borrower Intelligence Platform on the same day,” said CEO Rich Harris. “This groundbreaking solution will help lenders become lifelong champions for borrowers by gaining access — for the first time in history — to the kind of world-class customer intelligence leveraged by global leaders like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.”

The TrustEngine Borrower Intelligence Platform goes beyond standard alerts and triggers, offering deep behavior analysis to generate granular borrower segments and predict mortgage loan needs, facilitating more relevant borrower outreach. And the TrustEngine Borrower Intelligence Platform equips mortgage advisors with proven scripts and dynamically generated presentations that show borrowers their best loan options based on their unique financial situation, credit profile and life stage. Moving far beyond transactional offers, the platform prepares loan officers to have strategic discussions, transforming lenders from purveyors of price to providers of advice to drive more applications and close more loans.

Compatible with every lender tech stack, TrustEngine magnifies the value of existing loan origination systems (LOS), customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and marketing automation tools. Moreover, the TrustEngine Borrower Intelligence Platform automatically measures conversion at the branch and individual level across various loan types and borrower outreach strategies, driving continuous process improvement over the life of the platform.