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Truv Integrates With Dark Matter Technologies’ Empower LOS And Exchange Service Network

Truv has launched a strategic integration with Dark Matter Technologies’ leading loan origination platform, Empower, and its Exchange service network. Dark Matter Technologies connects over 17,000 service providers with top mortgage lenders and servicers to streamline communication, collaboration, and processing in a secure and compliant manner.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the mortgage industry by advancing and simplifying income and employment verification for lenders and empowering Truv’s clients with enhanced streamlining capabilities and adding greater efficiencies to loan origination processes.

Key features of the integration include:

  1. Accelerated Loan Processing Times: Truv pulls income and employment data, along with crucial documents like paystubs and W-2s, directly from the source—borrowers’ payroll accounts. This live, continuous data connection ensures higher quality, accuracy and eliminates delays associated with manual document collection.
  2. Efficient Workflow Automation: The integration introduces advanced workflow automation features, ensuring a more efficient and error-free loan origination process for loan officers. This will result in reduced processing times and increased overall productivity for Truv’s clients.
  3. Cost Savings: Mortgage lenders utilizing Truv’s integration with Empower LOS can expect up to 80% verification cost savings, contributing to a more cost-effective and streamlined loan origination process.
  4. Free Reverification: Truv’s solution provides lenders with persistent connection for free reverifications, reducing the need for borrower interactions and accelerating loan processing times.
  5. Approved Third-Party: Truv is an approved third-party service provider supporting Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor® asset and income modeler (AIM). Truv’s new integration with AIM enables lenders using Dark Matter Technologies to use the Truv platform to obtain and transmit the information and data required for Freddie Mac’s LPA for the AIM assessment.
  6. Enhanced Borrower Experience: With accelerated processing, borrowers benefit from a more friendly and streamlined experience, minimizing the waiting period for critical income and employment documentation.
  7. Powerful Platform: The Truv platform covers 92% of the U.S. workforce and is trusted by over 70 mortgage lenders.

Truv’s solution is now available on Empower and to any lender using the Exchange service network.