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Update To Property Vision Allows Appraisers To Work With Consumers In Real Time

Appraisal Logistics, a provider of appraisal management services, technology and compliance solutions for the residential/commercial mortgage industry, has created a new version of its popular Property Vision appraisal inspection tool that allows appraisers to work with consumers in real time to get a better view of properties they are appraising. PropertyVision Live is available now and offers a safe way to get accurate collateral valuations in the age of COVID.

“Lenders embraced Property Vision because it allowed their appraisers to provide a more accurate opinion of value without putting the lender’s customers and appraisers at risk,” said Frank Danna, CEO of Appraisal Logistics. “PropertyVision Live takes it to the next level by allowing appraisers to work directly with consumers through the technology to get exactly the images they need to complete their report, while keeping everyone safe.”

Like Property Vision, which was launched in August, PropertyVision Live gives lenders fully compliant real estate valuations that are acceptable to agency investors and meet the GSEs’ guidelines for collateral valuation during the COVID-19 crisis. PropertyVision Live allows appraisers to speak directly to consumers and view a live stream of the home as they take interior photographs of their home using any web-enabled device equipped with a camera and:

  • Record Live and Offline video, audio, and pictures
  • Upload and manage files and attachments directly from device
  • Custom text, picture, or video instructions
  • Secure claim access without passwords or check-incodes
  • Exchange notes with inside team

There is no app to download and consumers are provided with simple instructions that walk them through the process. The technology is available for:

  • Purchase money mortgage loans
  • HELOC mortgage loans
  • Reverse mortgage loans
  • Construction loans
  • Inspections
  • Appraisal revision requests
  • Builder warranty work
  • Home warranty companies
  • Real estate remote home viewings

PropertyVision Live automatically collects geocoding information and other metadata to ensure that the photographs and videos are of the subject property and then makes them available to the appraiser.