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Verity Launches AI-powered QCWorks

Mortgage knowledge process outsourcing company Verity Global Solutions has launched QCWorks – a pre- and post-close audit service. QCWorks is enabled by a robust automation and client interfacing technology allowing lenders to achieve real-time quality control with extensive reporting capability.

“Since Verity’s inception, we have constantly sought ways to introduce automation into our workflow to bring in faster turn times, and enhance quality while providing maximum process visibility to our customers,” said Verity founder and CEO Sam Mehta. “QCWorks represents a huge step forward toward that goal, and we are seeing incredible results and some very happy clients. Many functions are now as easy as clicking a button. Many lenders have fallen behind on their QC requirements and we are helping them get caught up.”

Verity worked with many mortgage industry veterans to launch the QC service. QCWorks includes:

●      Access real time view of audit review stage per file;

●      Real time QC – documents released to clients as reviews are complete;

●      Clients easily build granular custom reports with a drag-and-drop design tool;

●      Generate real-time reports;

●      Receive automated action plans;

●      Direct rebuttals to specific individuals or groups in the Audit Response Center; and

●      Bundle loan audits.

The launch comes on the heels of Verity’s announcement of its intent to expand its workforce to 3,000 employees. Verity Global Solutions’ renewed goal is to transform people and processes with technology.