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Vesta Partners With Optimal Blue To Streamline Access To Accurate Pricing

Vesta, a national loan origination system (LOS) provider, has announced its integration with the Optimal Blue PPE, a widely used product, pricing, and eligibility engine in the mortgage industry.

The alliance marries Vesta’s LOS with the comprehensive pricing capabilities of the Optimal Blue PPE, offering users increased operational efficiency and innovation in the mortgage industry.

The collaboration aims to bring greater convenience and efficiency to the origination process, providing users a vast array of functionalities within Vesta’s intuitive interface. This integration enables seamless access to the Optimal Blue PPE’s expansive product and pricing offerings. Through the integration, users of both systems will experience a simplified pricing process and  greater accuracy.

“This partnership with Optimal Blue marks a significant advancement in our offering and underlines our commitment to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly solutions in the market,” said Mike Yu, CEO of Vesta. “It opens a large opportunity for our clients by tapping into Optimal Blue’s extensive market presence and allows for the support of diverse loan types, further enhancing our platform’s versatility.”

“Optimal Blue has long been committed to bringing greater accuracy, transparency, and efficiency to the origination process, and our integration with the Vesta LOS is a testament to that,” said Erin Wester, vice president of product management, Optimal Blue. “In today’s market, where there’s increased competition for fewer borrowers, Vesta’s integration with the Optimal Blue PPE can help lenders compete more effectively and better capitalize on market opportunities without the risk of pricing inaccuracies or the need to manually sync data.”