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ABA Foundation Launches ‘Unlocking Homeownership’ Education Campaign

The ABA Foundation launched a new campaign, Unlocking Homeownership, which seeks to respond to the nation’s housing challenges by making it even easier for banks of all sizes to promote homeownership education and counseling. The campaign is part of the ABA Foundation’s celebration of June as American Housing Month.

In partnership with NeighborWorks®America and Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay, this long-term, multi-channel campaign provides new resources and training for banks to support and complement the work of nonprofits and housing counseling organizations to grow homeownership and wealth generation, particularly in low-to-moderate income communities.

Through the campaign, bankers will be provided resources to help them educate consumers on the homebuying process, guide existing homeowners on how to retain their homes, and promote impactful partnerships with community groups and housing counseling organizations to unlock sustainable homeownership for their customers and communities.

“The ABA Foundation developed the Unlocking Homeownership campaign to empower banks eager to support aspiring homebuyers in this challenging environment, especially consumers in underserved communities,” said Lindsay Torrico, executive director, ABA Foundation. “This campaign is a critical driver of our goal to help 5 million Americans get on the path to financial prosperity in three years. We are proud to partner with banks nationwide to make the dream of homeownership and wealth generation a reality for those who thought that dream was out of reach.”