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Advancing Your Proptech Strategy With AI

Today, no matter the industry, tech-enabled innovations are needed throughout. We must allow for vertical integration and ensure that real estate software is competitive and ready-to-market. The USA, alone, has one of the largest and most flourishing PropTech markets worldwide. While PropTech focuses on construction, buying, selling, renting, moving, and managing real estate assets, it is not limited to these areas.

We’ve seen many significant trends, from virtual home tours to eSigning and rental property management and automation, but we know one thing is sure. Ignoring the adoption of these latest PropTech trends across organizations can prevent companies from growing their business at full scale. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automating real estate data are the main drivers for PropTech growth. AI and Machine Learning (ML) are driving massive advancements in the Proptech industry. Propensity to List models, advanced underwriting, customer retention, MLS, and fraud detection, AI is helping the Proptech sector in multiple ways.

With Tavant’s focus on various PropTech specialties, including Home Search, iBuying, AI Algorithms, MLS, Appraisals and AVMs, Real-time Data Validation, Digital Brokerage Transformations, Mobile App Development and Real Estate Agent connectivity portals, they hope to continue adopting and pushing digital transformation. Get ready as Tavant executives, Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide AI and Automation Research with IDC’s software market research and advisory practice, and Dr. Atul Varshneya, VP of AI, dive into the adoption of AI and its strategic impact on the Proptech industry and hyper-personalized home buying experiences.

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