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Ambiview Launches E-Learning Platform For Realtors

Realtors looking to continue their education and climb the broker ladder are now able to learn around their careers with the launch of the brand new e-learning platform, Ambiview.

Created to support the millions of people working in the real estate industry, Ambiview couples the power of technology with a modern approach to knowledge enhancement. It offers an array of educational and inspirational courses and podcasts plus access to an expert coach to support professional development at all levels.

By offering continuing education hours via informative and easy to digest podcasts specifically designed to fit around work appointments and family responsibilities, Ambiview seeks to empower budding realtors and current agents to be at the top of their game. Courses have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of those just beginning their journey in the industry and those ready to scale up their careers.

With courses covering states including West Virginia, Rhode Island, Washington, Utah and Missouri, learners can create their own targeted learning for meaningful advancements in line with their areas of expertise. Each course provides informative videos to improve or refresh knowledge, helpful guides to be read at a time to suit the individual, audio podcasts ideal for commutes and helpful quizzes to track learning and identify knowledge gaps.

To help ambitious agents hit the pinnacle of their careers, Ambiview also provides an impressive selection of elective courses covering subjects such as ethics in business, mortgage fraud and bullet-proofing transactions with prices starting from just $30, making them accessible, affordable and easy to fit around busy lifestyles.

The high-quality content is delivered through Native iOS and Android apps. Learning is delivered through conversational lessons that enhance understanding and count towards vital CE hours.

Ambiview President Timothy Jones said, “Ambiview is bringing continuing education for realtors right up to date by leveraging technology, creativity and content quality in a manner that suits the realities of our busy working lives. 

“Designed purposefully by real estate experts for those aspiring to take their productivity and careers to the next level, we’ve got big plans to expand our offering in the coming months with more important topics and states set to be rolled out.”