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Integration Streamlines Credit Reporting Analysis

Covius, a provider of technology-enabled solutions to the financial services industry, announced that its credit reporting platform, Funding Suite, is now integrated into Blend, a digital lending platform, and accessible to the hundreds of lenders on that platform. 

Funding Suite provides Blend’s customers with a range of credit services for origination and quality control, including credit scores, rescoring, merged reports and supplemental lien and judgment reports. These services can be integrated directly into the lender’s front-end consumer portals or accessed by loan officers and processors. 

Funding Suite lets users select preferred credit repositories and upgrade to a three-vendor report without having to re-pull a consumer’s file. In addition, Covius’ platform provides detailed cost accounting, business intelligence dashboards and real-time status updates on open orders and interactive maps on credit order locations.

“We’re excited to partner with Blend to help our joint clients access the credit data and analytics they need to provide an exceptional customer experience,” said Michelle Steinmetzer, Senior Vice President of Operations at Covius.

“Blend is pleased to offer our lenders additional credit services options with the integration of Funding Suite,” said Brian Martin, Head of Business Development at Blend. “Lenders will have new choices and more efficient ways to analyze the data, providing more time to continue to deliver excellent customer service.”