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BlackFin Group Adds PrudentAI As Preferred Partner

BlackFin Group, a management consulting firm serving the Banking and Mortgage Industries, has added PrudentAI to their Preferred Partner Program. The recent addition underscores how artificial intelligence (AI) is now successfully moving into the mortgage banking space.

Prudent AI’s use of AI technology now allows mortgage lenders automate what has been historically, a monolithic, arduous, and manual process. PrudentAI now allows the lending industry to process bank statement analysis, calculate borrower’s income, generate key cash flow insights, and screen for fraud in seconds. Critical efficiencies as cost to produce for a single mortgage loan reaches an all-time high.

Co-Founder Jayendran GS highlights, “Prudent AI is thrilled to partner with BlackFin. Together, our fusion of AI prowess and deep industry knowledge promises to set new benchmarks in the mortgage sector. Our clients have always appreciated the cutting-edge AI solutions we provide, and the distinctive approach of Prudent AI only heightens that experience.”

As a nationally recognized consulting firm in the mortgage banking space BlackFin’s Preferred Partners Program provides significant market validation and confidence to mortgage bankers that its Preferred Partners are meeting the highest levels of value, integrity, and service standards in the industry.

Keith Kemph added, “we are excited to add PrudentAI as another highly recommended Preferred Partner of the team at BlackFin. This partnership is a great complement to our growing expertise in AI consulting for mortgage bankers. We are confident between this collaboration and other AI initiatives currently underway at BlackFin will prove to be foundational best practices for AI in mortgage banking.”