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BlackFin Group Unveils The Launch Of BlackFin University

BlackFin Group, a management consulting firm serving the Banking and Mortgage Industries, has unveiled the launch of BlackFin University. The consultancy is now offering management and leadership development training programs, workshops, and personal business coaches. BlackFin is committed to developing and strengthening the critical leadership and management skills now required to be successful in the ever-changing landscape of the mortgage banking and banking industry.

Ranging from Mortgage 101 to Program Management, or Soft Skills development workshops. The menu of development programs and trainings at BlackFin are built based on real world industry scenarios to deliver practical, industry specific, strategies and techniques to solve problems and lead teams. Dramatically reducing the amount of on the job learning people have had to face in the industry, for decades.

CEO, Keith Kemph, said “Our industry offers a lot of great training programs that serve the specialized roles of loan officers or branch operations teams, or offer lengthy specialized leadership programs that are only open to a select few. What we found in our consulting practice is that the industry lacks the specialized one-off management and leadership training programs or workshops that career minded leaders in our industry want to develop, so they can do their job better.”

Keith went on to mention that what makes BlackFin University different is how they don’t just teach theory. Highlighting how each of the instructors are not only subject matter experts but they are actively consulting clients on these very subjects, have actual hands-on experience in their area of expertise. Ensuring their leadership and management programs provide effective strategies, insights, methodologies, and frameworks that are both practical and successfully proven.