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BridgeRM Selects IndiSoft’s RxOffice To Automate QC And QA

BridgeRM, a national risk management solutions consulting firm for the financial services industry, has chosen IndiSoft’s RxOffice Compliance to support its growing quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) work for residential mortgage servicing.

As a leading service-provider of QC, internal audit, process analysis, risk assessments and growth consulting, Edmund, Okla.-based BridgeRM plans to leverage RxOffice’s SaaS mortgage servicing QA and QC application to meet the growing needs of mortgage bankers struggling to keep up with a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

“We were impressed with RxOffice’s flexibility and ability to support any type of audit from the standpoint of content and adaptable workflow including hybrid deployments where a client may combine in-house with outsource resources, even on the same file,” said Taylor Hildebrand, relationship manager and servicing compliance leader at BridgeRM.

Mortgage servicing QC and compliance will be at their most stressful levels during the next few years due to the need to apply rules for loan cohorts from specific time periods because of the COVID-19 requirements in the CARES-act, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and state overlays. This means system flexibility and content management will make or break successful audits and compliance reviews for mortgage servicers.

“RxOffice’s regulatory change management ensures that servicers can avoid the headaches of a volatile environment,” said Hans Rusli CEO of IndiSoft.