March/April 2024 Issue

Editor’s Note: Former Chief Compliance Officers Launch New Firm

Conforma Compliance Group, a regulatory management firm for residential lenders, has officially launched its services. Led by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience within the industry, Conforma provides compliance strategy and operations services to lenders, helping them meet their regulatory obligations effectively and efficiently. The founders have crafted best-in-class compliance solutions for mid-sized lenders and managed a broad litigation portfolio, further solidifying their expertise.

Led by former in-house professionals who have run compliance operations, Conforma applies that knowledge, experience, and contacts to provide bespoke solutions to lenders at all service levels, from taking over most compliance operations to managing audits and assessments.

Al Pitzner, Founder and Head of Compliance Strategy, brings a solid understanding of compliance-related risk and a deep expertise in creating effective and efficient compliance solutions. As former Chief Compliance Officer, he built compliance management systems and led examinations conducted by HUD, VA, FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, and HUD-OIG, as well as the various states. In addition, he has made presentations to the U.S. Department of Justice, The New York State Department of Financial Services, and in state and federal court, as well as attended numerous mediations across the U.S.

“Between the pandemic and an unfavorable interest rate environment, lenders and services have faced a difficult mortgage market,” said Pitzner. “Yet, the pressure to meet regulated compliance benchmarks has not changed. Compliance operations have been trimmed to save money, run in siloes that are inefficient and often ineffective. We are here to help lenders address this challenge efficiently.”

Co-founder and Head of Compliance Operations Ed Miller added: “The cost of non-compliance, whether in 2025 when state regulators have their two-year lookbacks or sooner, will be greater than an investment in oversight now.”

A former Chief Compliance Officer, Miller has hands-on experience in various sales and compliance roles. He brings deep operational expertise, including efficient process design and proficiency with technology solutions that reduce risk, grow productivity, and save costs.

The group is also joined by Brian Parker, General Counsel, who adds extensive litigation experience in regulatory examination, consumer complaints, and MERS audits.

Conforma empowers lenders by providing a range of agile services that include:

  • Compliance Management System (CMS) audit, development, and optimization
  • Bespoke CMS design, including effective cross-business integration
  • Customized policies & procedures
  • BSA/AML, SAFE, and HMDA/Fair Lending reviews
  • Advertising reviews (UDAAP), complaints management
  • Regulatory exam management, including HUD, VA, CFPB, state, warehouse, GSE, and investor
  • Internal Investigations in concert with counsel
  • Hands-on compliance management services