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Exceleras Software Update Improves Collaboration

Exceleras, a provider of software solutions that drive the right actions at the right time to accelerate property disposition, has released a software update for its DispoSolutions software that will significantly increase the ability of users to collaborate and accelerate the property disposition process. The new functionality was released as part of the company’s regular software improvement program, through which it regularly delivers increased value to its clients.

“We have long had the ability for users to send ‘notes’ or messages to each other in our system, but our latest release makes interaction much more powerful,” said Tom Simon, Exceleras’ Chief Executive Officer. “The new enhanced version allows users to reply to notes, forward notes, send notes to multiple recipients, find recipients quickly by partially typing in their name, and add an optional subject to the message. Through this new functionality, our platform fosters collaboration making it easier for teams to work together.”

In the new “Conversational View,” the notes functionality begins to feel more like a social network in that it organizes the notes into an expandable and collapsible hierarchy. This allows users to easily follow the thread of messages, starting with the original message at the top of the hierarchy, and then drill down to see each person’s reply or whether they forwarded the message, and then all future commentary in the thread. Alternatively, they can collapse all but the notes important to them and their work.

Each reply to a message or forwarding of a message can include additional users, or can limit the users from the previous message, so that the conversation can branch out to include additional participants when needed, or contract to a smaller group when the topic takes a more focused turn. This keeps everyone connected and apprised during the process.

In addition to the notes functionality, the newest release also includes a new “Alerts” feature that can be used to update an entire team by placing notices on all of the major pages in the system, and regardless of what property a user is viewing, if something important occurs. Instead of driving users back to their own Action Lists, they can respond to the event immediately, without leaving their current page in the platform. Once the issue has been addressed, the user can easily return to where they were previously to continue their original work.

“New workflows our clients are using today are more fluid than they were in the past and we needed to add functionality that would allow users to stay in touch with their teams and respond to important events without going back to the beginning of a specific workflow,” said Phil Gore, Exeleras Chief Architect. “By updating our platform to allow our users to operate their businesses in the ways that are most efficient for them, we are improving their experience, reducing the time it takes to complete their work and thereby reducing their costs.”