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The CFPB Opens HMDA Data Compliance Plan

The CFPB has announced that the filing period for HMDA data collected in 2022 opened on January 1, 2023. Submissions will be considered timely if received on or before Wednesday, March 1, 2023. The HMDA Platform provides financial institutions an opportunity to determine whether their loan/application register (LAR) data comply with the reporting requirements outlined in the Filing Instructions Guide for HMDA data collected in 2022.

Submit your data

Lenders can access the HMDA Platform to begin the filing process for data collected in 2022 here:

Users will receive a confirmation email upon submission of their HMDA data. The confirmation email will be sent to the email account of the user that has submitted the data.

Testing your submission?

The Beta Platform found at will remain available on an ongoing basis for filers wishing to test their submissions. Please note that the Beta Platform is for testing purposes only. No data submitted on the Beta Platform will be considered for compliance with HMDA data reporting requirements. To submit your HMDA Data for 2022, visit the live HMDA Platform at

This year, included on the Beta Website is a new tool that provides institutions with assistance in creating their HMDA LAR file. The online version of the LAR Formatting Tool is an enhanced version of the LAR Formatting Tool that is currently available. The online LAR Formatting Tool is intended to help financial institutions, typically those with small volumes of covered loans and applications, to create an electronic file that can be submitted to the HMDA Platform. Filers are able to create their transmittal sheet and LAR rows on the beta website, entering values for each data field, and use this tool to download the full LAR file.

The CFPB encourages financial institutions to continue providing feedback on their experience using the HMDA Platform and to direct any questions regarding the HMDA Platform to [email protected] or