March/April 2022 Edition

How To Attract And Maintain Diverse Talent 

Growing your company and attracting talent is always a top priority for companies, no matter what industry you are in. I have been in the mortgage industry for 21 years and half of that has been recruiting, or what I like to call, relationship building.  

Below are a few ideas I share with companies when they ask me for help. 

This is something that comes 2nd nature to me, my God given talent. 

Put Yourself Out There!  

The #1 search engine today is Google, but do you know what #2 is?

It’s Youtube! Yes, Youtube is the #2 search engine today. This platform is filled with videos, guides, etc… all videos. That is because the newer generations are absorbing information differently than you and I. 

We come from an era of receiving phone calls, mail, and flyers. Today’s generations absorb their information with videos, text, and social media. So companies today are needing to change how they deliver their message when growing their company. 

It’s great you have a fancy website. However, with that, you need to have a FB page, LinkedIn, even a TikTok account. Candidates will search your organization on social media before they go to you website to find out more about the company. 

Core Values/Foundation 

What does your company represent? What is the message you are sending to not only your internal team, but to your prospective candidates?  People today want to join a company that aligns with their core values. They want to make a difference in today’s world. If they see your company not involved in the communities and not giving back, that will be a sign for them to keep looking. If your company does not have core values, get your team together and get to work! 

Representation Matters

You know when you go on Netflix and see the category “Representation matters” and it gives you movie options to explore for that genre?

The same applies to your company website. If you highlight your leadership team and it is the same pattern of person, that is a potential red flag for the candidate. Future candidates will not be able to see themselves being a part of your team and will possibly not consider your offer. Change your website up! Get creative with it. Other than your leadership team, showcase different departments, team building events, holidays being celebrated, and those individuals that have been essential to the company. When candidates see that, they will see themselves as a part of an organization that celebrates them. 

Look Within First 

If you are having challenges with filling a specific position in the company, look within. Find someone who goes above and beyond and has been a star player. Mentor them into the position. When you pour into someone and take their career to the next level, not only will they be loyal to the company, they will be an excellent brand ambassador and walking testimony to your organization’s growth. Lastly, seek outside counsel for those positions you are needing to fill. Align yourself with the right person or company that is connected and has a network you can plug into. That person can be who you need to find your perfect candidate.