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IndiSoft Expands National Housing Advocacy Platform

IndiSoft LLC, a global provider of technology solutions for the residential mortgage banking industry, has enhanced its National Housing Advocacy Platform (NHAP) to support landlord and tenant mediation. The collaborative technology helps facilitate states’ landlord/tenant mediation processes in response to COVID-19 related policies that mitigate the financial effects of the pandemic on tenants and landlords.

With the imminent release of eviction moratoria and recent judicial rulings deeming those moratoria unconstitutional, the mounting crisis facing tenants having difficulty staying current on leases will rapidly turn into a housing dilemma of epic proportions. Many servicers have loans for multi-unit housing in their portfolio and non-payment on the front end could negatively affect the health of those portfolios.

“NHAP is a multi-faceted, collaborative ecosystem supporting affordable lending programs and home preservation initiatives,” said Camillo Melchiorre, president and director of regulatory compliance at IndiSoft. “With this latest offering, it has again become a key solution to enable multiple stakeholders to work together in solving crisis-driven challenges to housing.”

A unique feature of the NHAP is the full integration of  HUD-certified housing counselors who are playing an increasingly critical role helping distressed consumers navigate complex application processes, while providing guidance with the consumer’s best interest as the primary goal.

Nevada is one of the states that require mediation prior to eviction for failure to make rental payments. The entire process can be conducted through IndiSoft’s a single sign-on, seamless, cloud-based platform.

“The rental mediation module is just one of several enhancements to the NHAP assisting government bodies, mortgage lenders and servicers and state and community housing agencies to quickly deliver relief to a growing number of citizens whose housing is in jeopardy because of the pandemic,” Melchiorre added.

The rental mediation solution is COVID-19 compliant by supporting a paperless environment. It is mobile-friendly allowing consumers to upload pictures of documents from their smartphones. Also, virtual meetings can be scheduled and held among all stakeholders with a native application to NHAP.