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Integration Will Assist Limited English Proficiency Customers Throughout The Mortgage App

Digital language and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) technology provider Talk’uments has unveiled its Spanish language integration with Guaranteed Rate Inc. The integration will significantly enhance the ability of Guaranteed Rate Inc.’s Spanish-speaking customers to successfully shop for and secure a mortgage by experiencing increased clarity about transactions throughout the process and easier access to generalized and loan-specific educational materials in Spanish.

Talk’uments is one of the first technology providers to create a multilingual technology resource for LEP mortgage applicants and borrowers. Their digital language technology will enhance Guaranteed Rate Inc.’s Language Access Program by empowering Spanish speakers to better understand the key terms and features of their loans, including related costs, Loan Estimate (LE), Closing Disclosure (CD), and other TILA disclosures. Guaranteed Rate Inc. has embraced Talk’uments’ digital solutions in their ongoing efforts to provide industry best credit and financial education materials to underserved communities. The partnership further realizes the company’s vision to become the most trusted and preferred mortgage lender to LEP consumers.

Guaranteed Rate Inc. recently announced it launched one of the most extensive Spanish-language mortgage programs in the U.S. housing market. Loan officers, real-estate agents and borrowers can now leverage a best-in-class Spanish experience with the company’s website, full Digital Mortgage Application, centralized bilingual processing team, Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services, and critical customer facing communications. A Language Certification process for fluent employees is among many other services and platform enhancements.

“America’s demographics, and accordingly, those of mortgage borrowers, have changed and continue to change quickly,” said George Baker, CEO and Founder of Talk’uments. “Lenders now see creating a mortgage experience built on comfort and trust is key to company growth, especially as a great share of the market includes people who don’t speak English at home. Guaranteed Rate Inc is a leader in the growing effort to support LEP borrowers; they are a natural partner in our efforts to bridge communication divides and widen access to home ownership.”

 “We are thrilled about the positive impact the Talk’uments partnership will have on our Language Access Program,” says Arlyn J. Kalinski, a Language Access Program veteran, accessibility advocate, and Compliance Vice President for Guaranteed Rate Inc. “This technology is a critical piece in our ongoing efforts and commitment to provide a transparent, efficient, and inclusive home buying experience for LEP consumers. Our companies will continue to collaborate to expand access to critical homebuying communications in other languages.

“Guaranteed Rate Inc. recognizes the incredible opportunity to speak directly to those with limited English proficiency,” says Kalinski. “All Americans deserve equal access to credit with a high level of support and fairness. Guaranteed Rate Inc. is committed to connecting with and serving all communities. We are clear that failure to serve the LEP community is not an option. The main objective of our program and collaboration with Talk’uments is to make our products and services more accessible to consumers and to continue to address one of the barriers to home ownership, language access.”