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Leadership Series For Mortgage Execs Continues Online

This second webinar will feature nationally accredited speaker and Executive Coach Sandy Intraversato sharing techniques to build more engaged and productive workforces. The second webinar in “Growing your Acumen as a Coaching and Mentoring Leader,” a free, three-part webinar series hosted by WEST, a Williston Financial Group Company, will be “Three Ways to Navigate Difficult Conversations with Greater Confidence” on August 5, beginning at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern.

The hour-long seminar by Sandy Intraversato is another in a special series that presents critical concepts designed to help executives and managers create more engaged, empowered and productive workforces. Within a single hour, including time for questions, she will share specific theories and techniques that can be easily implemented by mortgage industry leaders to raise the quality of influence, prompt meaningful conversations, and ultimately create positive change.

“In trying times, it is even more important that a leader focus time and energy on unlocking and unleashing potential in each employee,” said Intraversato, a leading executive coach and mentor. “That is how you will improve business results, retain customers and create an engaged culture.”

Intraversato is a nationally accredited speaker and an award-winning strategist who prior to becoming an executive coach in 2013 spent her career in Professional Services, both in sales and senior leadership roles. Now, as a Partner at Iron Coaching, a firm specializing in sharpening leadership skills and building strong teams, she helps hundreds of executives, professionals, and business owners each year build their leadership skills, think more strategically and communicate with confidence.

“We will explore the underlying structure of every difficult conversation, identify the erroneous but deeply ingrained assumptions that keep people stuck, as well as learn how to manage the emotions that play a factor,” she said.

Every day, whether dealing with an under-performing employee, disagreeing with a colleague, negotiating with a difficult client, or simply admitting a mistake or saying “no,” managers attempt to avoid difficult conversations.

“No matter how competent we are, we all have conversations that cause anxiety and frustration,” said Intraversato. “Those who attend this webinar will take away strategies to engage in their toughest conversations with less stress and more success.”  

The series is co-hosted by Tammy London, VP National Business Development for WFG Enterprise Solutions. London, a past Executive Life and Business Coach at Building Champions who continues to mentor university student leaders through Mentors360, has organized each session around a critical concept that can be quickly and easily implemented. The hope is that webinar participants get the maximum value from a single hour with these experts.

“Our goal is to give lending leaders around the country a virtual coaching session with specific ways to raise the quality of influence, prompt meaningful conversations and ultimately create positive change,” London added. To provide additional value, leaders can invite their managers to listen and learn at no additional charge.

Intraversato’s Zoom seminar is followed on August 12 by “Three Keys to Being a Mentor Leader,” with Rose Marie David, EVP, Divisional Production Manager with HomeBridge Financial. The series opens on July 29 with Greg Harkavy’s “Three Signs of a True Coaching Leader.”

To register for either or both of the remaining WEST seminars visit All webinars begin promptly at 10 a.m. PDT, 12 p.m. CDT and 1 p.m. EDT. For additional information call 877 274 3850 or email [email protected].