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LoanLogics Expands LoanBeam Income Calculations Services

LoanLogics, a provider of loan quality technology for mortgage manufacturing and loan acquisition, launched significant enhancements to its LoanBeam income calculation technologies. The enhancements will enable lenders to efficiently process income documents related to wage earners in the same service they use to process self-employed borrowers.

By gaining access to all income calculations from within a single platform, LoanLogics clients can simplify and accelerate the income verification process for a wider number of borrower scenarios faster and more conveniently than ever.

“With today’s high rates and soaring loan production expenses, our latest enhancements to LoanBeam are a game-changer for lenders,” said Roby Robertson, head of mortgage origination automation at LoanLogics. “For our lenders, being able to process wage-earners and self-employed borrower income documents within the same integrations and in their preferred format makes it easy and cost effective to use LoanBeam Income for all paper-based income assessment.”

Renowned for its precision and reliability in income analysis, LoanBeam by LoanLogics simplifies income data into actionable insights. LoanBeam’s automated income calculation and analysis services have become indispensable for lenders nationwide, helping them navigate the intricate landscape of loan manufacturing and buyer alignment.

“Our commitment to enhancing LoanBeam underscores our resolve to help lenders optimize their resources and produce higher quality loans at less cost,” said Dave Parker, CEO of LoanLogics. “We’re not just providing great tools, but helping our clients adapt to market needs and remain competitive, regardless of market conditions.”