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Logix Federal Credit Union Automates To Enhance Mortgage Advisory Service For Members

Logix Federal Credit Union (Logix) has rolled out Mortgage Coach to enhance the mortgage advisory service it provides to members. Nearly 200 registered mortgage loan officers will use the Mortgage Coach platform to help members understand how various home financing strategies can best fulfill their homeownership goals and build wealth.

Headquartered in Los Angeles County, Logix is reputed as one of the nation’s largest and most reliable credit unions. Logix has more than $9 billion in assets and operates branches in service of more than 225,000 members. In keeping with its commitment to investing in financial health and education, Logix offers a comprehensive Financial Wellness program that supports members’ with money management and financial planning services to encourage better, smarter financial decisions.

By partnering with Mortgage Coach, Logix has empowered its mortgage lending arm with interactive Total Cost Analysis (TCA) presentations, which educate consumers by modeling home loan performance over time. The partnership will enable Logix loan officers to solidify themselves as trusted mortgage advisors by providing members user-friendly comparisons of lending scenarios to help them make more informed decisions. TCA presentations are personalized, digital and can be shared with borrowers via text, email or Mortgage Coach’s mobile app.

“Logix is the financial institution of choice for hundreds of thousands of members because it prioritizes service, education and financial success above all else,” Mortgage Coach President Joe Puthur said. “Our TCA presentations will help achieve Logix’s commitment to mortgage engagement, experience and education by streamlining each loan officer’s ability to provide personalized financial education to every credit union member, increasing homeownership and equity access to everyone they serve.”

This service was selected by the Logix management team with intentions to provide greater value to members.

“Mortgage Coach has presented our mortgage lending division at Logix with an incredible ​​opportunity to offer enhanced advisory services to thousands of members,” Logix President and CEO Ana Fonseca said. “Mortgage Coach’s TCAs will make it easier for our staff to deliver more value to members by helping them consider how their mortgage fits holistically into a broader financial picture.”