May/June 2021 Issue

Margin Compression In 2021?

Lenders are looking for ways to automate the manufacturing of loans further to reduce bottlenecks and cost, lower customer acquisition cost, improve turn times while mitigating margin compression.  It starts with quickly accessing data to provide a forecast, track, and analyze information for actionable insights in real-time. 

In this rapidly changing and, in many ways, the unpredictable lending environment being able to make better and faster business decisions is critical for lending sustainability. The challenge has been the complexity, inability to easily access information, not typically available in mobile applications (a significant stumbling block with the remote workforce during COVID), cost, and limited analytics.

To help lenders address this challenge head-on, Awesome Technologies (ATI) created its BULLSEYE METRICS Solution.

BULLSEYE METRIC is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that helps teams and critical decision-makers easily extract and view data in real-time. Business users can easily blend all their necessary data in one spot and create individual reports/dashboards with drag-and-drop ease to see their information from multiple perspectives.

ATI’s BULLSEYE MATRICS helps loan officers know what to work on at the start of each day helps them become efficient and effective.  In addition, the solution delivers time savings on each loan file, easy access to critical loan information, better communication with the borrower, and transparency throughout the lending process.

Here is how lenders are leveraging business intelligence to streamline their operations and address margin compression head-on.

“Awesome Technologies Inc. It has been beneficial in assisting us in moving to Encompass360 Banker Edition. With their expert knowledge using Encompass SDK, they built us an interface to be able to export data for our Warehouse bank and Loan Service that we use daily.”

– Timothy Hirtle, IT/Software Engineer, 1st Advantage Mortgage

“ I can honestly say our company would not be where it is today with their support.”

– Bryan Marr, Vice President, National Branch Operation

“Noor and his group have been very effective in listening to our needs and then converting those ideas into actual results and processes in Encompass.”

– Lance Logan, COO, Great Western Financial Services

ATI’s BULLSEYE MATRICS solution has had a profound impact on our business by helping reduce underwriting times by over 15%, which is critical in today’s lending environment.

With the BULLSEYES METRIC solution, we have improved closing accuracy by 20%, which helps streamline our operations and significantly improves our borrower satisfaction scores.

“Awesome provides compelling software; they also provide consultative services to meet a variety of needs shared by many of our clients, such as custom application development, system administration, and database management services.”

– Mark Todd, National Sales & Client Services Managers, Byte Software, LLC


Collect your data

You can connect to all leading databases and other data sources in Bullseye Metrics like XLS, CSV, SQL Server, and the same can be done with a few clicks.


Make data stories

Jump into your data and generate insights with simple tools. Save those insights as beautiful, interactive reports that reveal the stories hidden in your data.


Gather & Visualize

Generate personalized dashboards and keep up on metrics that matter to you. Visualize all your data and empower your organization to make quick, confident decisions.

Bullseye Metrics puts robust data at your fingertips.  Visualize your valuable data and your organization’s performance. You can even analyze your entire organization’s data comparing others in your industry with the Bullseye Metrics.