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MidFirst Bank Debuts Free Goal-Based Banking Mobile Experience App

Monifi, a mobile banking application built around the principle of goal-based banking, has launched to help people have a more personalized interaction with all of their financial transactions. More than just a bank, Monifi is a financial tracking and budgeting app that effortlessly helps customers create robust and smart money saving habits through a platform that speaks to the way people think about their money. 

“Financial goals are personal and financial tools should relate to how people think about them, not the other way around. When it comes to tracking spending and savings, Monifi is more advanced than other tools and lets people customize how their goals are reached,” said a Monifi representative. “Monifi users understand their entire financial picture, set goals and track their progress within one app. It sharpens their money management skills, including an advanced ‘Ask Monifi’ natural language search feature which provides valuable insights into their spending behavior. Plus, unlike many apps, Monifi is part of a real bank, so they know their money is secure.” 

Monifi helps make spending and saving more relatable to real life. Rather than focusing on the numbers on a balance sheet, Monifi’s Spend and Save balance structure provides visibility into how money is spent as well as progress towards savings goals. The polished banking experience provides real-world details about how and where customers spend. It offers tools to track and reach specific savings goals like vacations, a new car, or a down payment on a home. Plus, transactions are clear, automatically categorized and easy-to-identify with the merchant or category logo, instead of a typical bank’s confusing transaction jargon. Monifi makes it easier to conceptualize and realize goals in a way other budgeting applications can’t.

With Monifi, users can:

●  Gain a clear understanding of spending habits with transaction details that make sense – plus tag transactions as personal, business, vacation, tax-related, etc.

●  Create personalized goals and build savings automatically – users simply tell Monifi how much they want to save and it will provide options of how much and how often to save to reach their goal at their pace. 

●  Align spending habits with every goal and budget in their life, from a coffee habit, to a rainy day fund, to that new car or house.

●  Use Monifi as their primary bank, plus aggregate accounts from almost any bank with full functionality to ensure a complete financial picture.

●  Receive a free Monifi Orange Debit card equipped with an EMV chip for safe transactions, secure contactless payment and integration with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay®.

●  Receive free access to ATMs nationwide as part of the AllPoint network.

Unlike other banking and budgeting applications, Monifi puts all of a customer’s finances into one centralized location, providing a complete view of all finances, making goal-setting easy and customizable. Tracking spending simply and accurately, setting goals, and managing savings for multiple purchases are made easy through the user-friendly mobile interface or by using voice search to simply ask questions. Monifi is the one source for goal-based banking.

Monifi accounts are FDIC insured as a division of MidFirst Bank, a banking leader for nearly 40 years. Monifi can aggregate transactions from other banks, offering full, rich functionality and powerful planning tools. This makes Monifi an elegant and intelligent platform helping customers plan and reach their financial goals.