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MISMO Introduces Enhanced Product Certification Assessment Program

MISMO, the real estate finance industry’s standards organization, introduced a redesigned product certification assessment program with enhanced functionality during a session at its Winter Summit. The redesigned program streamlines the steps associated with product certification, enhances interoperability by enabling counterparties to integrate quickly at lower costs, and makes the process simpler for certification candidates.

“MISMO is consistently working to make our tools more effective, and this new, enhanced product certification program goes a long way toward reducing implementation risk by providing transparency on which components of software applications utilize MISMO standards,” said Jonathan Kearns, MISMO’s Vice President of Product.

The MISMO Certification Program evaluates how components of a software system or tool such as interfaces, data exchanges, and APIs comply with MISMO standards and certifies accordingly. The process is streamlined via a “concierge” process guided by MISMO. Both the service agreement and the fee are each consolidated into one process, versus the multiple agreement and fees associated with the previous certification program.

The new system replaces MISMO’s Standard and Premiere Level Certification programs.