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MISMO Issues Call For Participation In The Flat Doc To SMART Doc V3 Verifiable Development Workgroup

MISMO, the real estate finance industry’s standards organization, issued a call for industry professionals to rejoin the Flat Doc to SMART Doc® V3 Verifiable Profile Development Workgroup (DWG) in its new focus on preparing samples of select documents to support the MISMO SMART Doc® V3 Verifiable Profile specification. The project is part of MISMO’s mission to accelerate the mortgage finance industry’s digital future.

The recently released SMART Doc® V3 Verifiable Profile specification allows document data to travel with the PDF and then be automatically verified with the document image, providing assurance that loan documents and associated data are consistent, reliable, and unaltered. Sample specifications of frequently used non-eNote mortgage documents are needed to support industry adoption of the SMART Doc® V3 Verifiable profile.

The Flat Doc to SMART Doc® V3 Verifiable Profile DWG will collaborate with industry participants, government agencies, and other stakeholders to analyze, create a mapping specification, and prepare V3 verifiable profile samples of the Security Instrument and Title Policy documents.   

Meetings will be conducted on the third Thursday of each month via conference call. 

Individuals interested in this group who are already MISMO Members may join the collaboration site that has been established on MISMO Connect. Those not already members of MISMO who would like to participate should contact [email protected].