MISMO Supports Ginnie Mae Leveraging Standards To Permit eSignatures And RON For Loan Mods

Seth Appleton, president of MISMO, issued the following statement in support of Ginnie Mae’s All Participants Memorandum (APM) 21-07:

“MISMO commends Ginnie Mae for recognizing and leveraging industry standards in allowing eSignatures and Remote Online Notarization (RON) for loan modification agreements.

“An important component of Ginnie Mae’s action is that modifications transmitted electronically must be delivered only as MISMO SMART Docs or PDFs. In addition, by utilizing the existing Digital Collateral Program Guide to expand the availability of RON for paper loan modifications, Ginnie Mae is ensuring that all participating RON platforms are in compliance with MISMO’s RON standards. 

“This is a commonsense step to provide clarity to issuers and consumers and is exactly why MISMO has a RON Certification program, so that technology platforms can easily demonstrate their adherence to MISMO’s RON standards.

“Widely-deployed standards are critical to the real estate finance industry’s digital progression, and we thank Ginnie Mae for its support in this endeavor. MISMO looks forward to continuing to deliver essential standards that improve efficiency, reduce cost and enhance the mortgage experience for all parties involved in a real estate transaction.”