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New Platform For Automated Property Tax Search Launches

ChainLogix Mortgage Solutions, which provides services for the real estate tax, title insurance, settlement, and lending industries, announced the release of its new platform TaxLogix. By leveraging advanced RPA and Technology, TaxLogix automates property tax research.

 “TaxLogix is an RPA driven web-based tool providing instant scalability, real time tax information as well as a dedicated RPA and delivery team,” said Jane Jaeger, Vice President, Property Tax Intelligence & Special Projects, ChainLogix. “TaxLogix combines RPA and AI with an impressive agency database. We have seen that TaxLogix can reduce manual tax processing time from 14 minutes to 90 seconds.”

TaxLogix features include ease of ordering, the ability to manage a user profile as well as bulk uploads. The system also provides automatic report generation and delivery as well as dashboard analytics.

“TaxLogix overcomes the day-to-day hurdles such as scalability and costs involved in tax searches in the industry,” said Tim Moreland, Senior Vice President, Operations & Strategic Business Development, ChainLogix. “Both large and small clients spanning the industry will find that TaxLogix is an important new tool in their operations.”