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New Technology Converts Lead Opportunities Into Active Clients

The new HomeScout Intel application is designed to revolutionize the way mortgage lenders convert new lead opportunities into active clients. Through a strategic partnership with Aidentified, HomeScout Intel clients are now able to process and enrich data by harnessing the power of AI and increasing connection-based conversions.

Through predictive analytics, machine learning and AI techniques, HomeScout Intel enhances the data associated with lender databases and their new lead contact records to help reveal the best paths to connect and engage with qualified prospects. By mapping relationships, HomeScout Intel is able to link together mortgage lenders with prospects who are qualified and ready to take the leap and buy a new home.

“As the strategic partner of Aidentified for the lender channel, we are perfectly positioned to help our clients optimize conversions and help grow their business,” said David Camp, President of HomeScout. “We’re thrilled about this relationship and the opportunities our clients have being able to work with a leader in the AI industry.”

HomeScout Intel is the result of a partnership between HomeScout and Aidentified, a relationship intelligence and data technology company architecting data enrichment services in the real estate industry. Aidentified uses the latest AI and machine-learning technologies, merging professional and consumer insights with wealth events that allow its customers to search for prospects based on customized requirements, leading to the strongest possible path to a prospective client.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with HomeScout to deliver premium insights, elevating our joint capacity to provide extraordinary and prioritized opportunities for mortgage professionals to efficiently and skillfully win more business,” said Darr Aley, CRO of Aidentified.