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New MSR Technology Empowers MSR Buyers With Live Loan-Level Pricing

Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, has launched a new technology for mortgage servicing rights (MSR) buyers to produce more granular pricing for mortgage servicing. The feature leverages an application programming interface (API) to connect MSRlive!, MCT’s state-of-the-art MSR valuation platform to clients’ systems for more precise and accurate loan-level pricing in real time. 

Especially in a volatile climate, every basis point counts. MCT’s objective is to ensure that its software additions drive more profitability and increase efficiencies. With MCT’s new API, users can effectively develop a pricing strategy that includes key loan-level characteristics, such as property location, FICO, loan-to-value (LTV), and much more in real-time to evaluate a comprehensive set of data that contributes to a winning pricing strategy. 

The key takeaway of this new functionality is how it informs users and helps servicing buyers avoid over-paying for potentially underperforming assets. The software provides a more prudent, thoughtful, and strategic approach achieved by leveraging a granular set of data which will result in fewer missteps. The system’s functionality provides insight for the servicing buyers to ensure that the pricing levels on a loan-by-loan basis are appropriate and justified.  

“The competitive landscape has exposed the challenges with applying static multiples across all LTVs and FICOs and has heightened the importance of a more strategic pricing strategy,” shared Bill Shirreffs, Head of MSR Services and Sales Operations at MCT. “MCT’s MSRlive! API is specifically designed to provide granular, loan-level, MSR pricing based on your cost assumptions and return expectations. Ultimately, giving you more confidence.”  

This technology is available to MSR buyers that want to receive more granular pricing for their MSR bidding.