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Northwest Bank Collects Fees Within Minutes With LenderLogix FeeChaser

Northwest Bank has selected LenderLogix, a provider of mortgage point-of-sale and automation software for banks, credit unions, independent mortgage banks, and brokers, payment processing platform Fee Chaser to ensure compliant collection of upfront fees and deliver borrowers a five-star digital experience.

Fee Chaser integrates with Northwest Bank’s loan origination system (LOS) to send a unique link to the borrower within one click. On average, borrowers make a payment within five minutes of receiving the link. Once paid, all parties receive a receipt, and the LOS is automatically updated.

“As a service-oriented bank, we’re constantly seeking ways to enhance the value we provide to our customers. Fee Chaser has taken our borrower experience to the next level by helping us extend the five-star service we deliver to our mortgage customers beyond the initial point of contact,” said Rocco Diina, Northwest Bank Senior VP and Head of Mortgage Sales. “Thanks to the support from the LenderLogix team, we were able to go live within a matter of weeks.”

“Our partnership with Northwest Bank is an example of our commitment to empowering lenders with cutting-edge technology to enhance their operations,” said Patrick O’Brien, Co-Founder and CEO of LenderLogix. “It’s our firm belief that borrower experience is the key differentiator for lenders. The lenders investing in their tech now in a down market will be the same lenders at the top when the market reverses course.”