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OptifiNow Releases CRM Platform For Wholesale And TPO Lenders

OptifiNow, a provider of custom CRM solutions for the mortgage industry, has released OptifiNow TPO, a ready-made version of their sales and marketing platform designed for wholesale and TPO lenders. OptifiNow TPO includes an array of features that makes it easy for wholesale lenders to accelerate their sales and marketing process. “OptifiNow TPO is an out-of-the-box solution for wholesale lenders,” said John McGee, president of OptifiNow. “Our goal is to help wholesale lenders increase their visibility, smartly manage sales processes, and increase loan volume per broker customer.”

OptifiNow TPO provides wholesale lenders with a CRM that works the way they work. The CRM enables efficient management of mortgage brokers and TPO companies with built-in marketing tools and integrations that create a unified, easy to use platform for account executives, production leaders and marketers.

“We built OptifiNow TPO because wholesale and TPO lenders do not have many choices for CRM,” said McGee. “There are quite a few CRMs designed for retail loan officers, but there are too many limitations in those CRMs to make it work for wholesale account executives. Other lenders tend to use big name, generic CRMs and modify it for wholesale lending, which is very expensive and doesn’t guarantee success. OptifiNow TPO is the only CRM that knows exactly what wholesale lenders need.”

OptifiNow TPO starts with a proper business-to-business (B2B) database structure, allowing the assignment of entire companies and all the contacts associated with them to an account executive. Email and SMS capabilities are built into OptifiNow TPO, making it easy to create, send and track marketing campaigns. Additionally, the platform integrates with many LOS systems, seamlessly synchronizing data that drives a number of dynamic features in OptifiNow TPO.

“Our extensive experience with LOS integrations is what makes OptifiNow TPO a truly powerful tool,” said McGee. “We automatically synchronize LOS data at the company, loan officer and loan file level and make it easily accessible to account executives. We also use LOS data to drive dynamic processes that make account executive smarter and more effective at selling loan products to brokers.”

Account Classification is one example of OptifiNow TPO’s dynamic processes, which tracks loan submission dates from an LOS to rate the overall performance of broker accounts. Using this feature, account executives and sales teams know exactly where their efforts will lead to increased submission volume instead of wasting time on accounts that are already submitting loans.

OptifiNow provides wholesale lenders with a full scope of implementation and support services that allows OptifiNow TPO to be implemented in 30 days or less. All aspects of platform configuration, integration and data migration are managed by the OptifiNow team, keeping lender resource requirements low.

“We typically deliver the platform within 30 days,” said McGee. “Our strategy is to provide an out-of-the-box solution quickly and then make iterative changes that address a client’s specific needs over time.”