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Professionals Build Client-for-Life Relationships

Homeowners Financial Group (HFG), an Arizona-based mortgage company, entered into a partnership with Homebot, provider of the client-for-life portal that empowers consumers to build wealth through homeownership. This partnership will enable every Homeowners Financial Group Licensed Mortgage Professional to deliver personalized home finance intelligence to their clients and prospects.

“Initially provided to our President’s Club Top Producers, they were overwhelmed by the value Homebot was delivering to their clients and to them, as loan officers,” said Bill Rogers, CEO and President of Homeowners Financial Group. “They were thrilled to be strengthening their client relationships by sharing truly helpful information tailored to each client’s unique home finance situation. One of our core values is that we provide our employees the tools to be successful and we’re eager to provide Homebot to every one of our loan officers.”

Homeowners Financial Group began searching for a partnership that would take their client experience to the next level. Shortly after a team of HFG top producing loan officers signed up for Homebot, it was apparent that Homebot not only had a positive impact on business, but aligned well with HFG’s organizational values.

“It has been fantastic working with the Homeowners Financial Group team,” said Ernie Graham, CEO of Homebot. “In a volatile market, it’s more important than ever for lenders to stay connected to their clients and be the wealth advisor their clients rely on to make informed home finance decisions. We’re excited to be helping HFG loan officers do just that.”

Founded in 2015, Homebot is a client-for-life portal that maximizes repeat and referral business for lenders by empowering consumers to build wealth through homeownership. The award-winning portal delivers personalized, actionable intelligence throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle to every client and prospect. With an average 50% monthly engagement rate, Homebot ensures lenders and agents remain the trusted advisors that consumers rely on to make informed decisions about the largest asset they may ever own, their home.