Technology Enables Safe And Accurate Appraisal Inspections During COVID-19 Pandemic

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to unfold, it’s important for appraisers and homeowners alike to stay safe during inspections. PropertyAssist helps to ensure this safety by allowing appraisers to conduct digital inspections and operate remotely. The software provides a step-by-step process for data collection, in addition to helping streamline workflow by: 

·       Guiding homeowners through the photo-taking process

·       Filtering photo submissions to ensure they are current and specific to the property being appraised

·       Automatically flowing photos and data into an appraisal report

Once an order is initiated by an appraiser within a la mode’s TOTAL platform, PropertyAssist generates a unique URL. The appraiser can then send the link to the homeowner, with simple instructions on how to collect the necessary images and inspection data. Once data is submitted by the homeowner, the information is stored securely within the appraiser’s WorkFile to assist in completing the appraisal report.

PropertyAssist can also help lenders complete existing appraisal orders that have been placed on hold due to changing lender requirements and homeowner COVID-19 concerns.

The rules and guidelines surrounding appraisals are frequently shifting. Despite concerns regarding the pandemic, inspecting homes and adhering to lending requirements is still of high importance in the housing economy. Appraisers play an important role in providing checks and balances to the housing market, especially during uncertain times when the market continues to fluctuate. Digital resources such as PropertyAssist allow appraisers to continue working and completing the home appraisals under the temporary guidelines from The Federal Housing Finance Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development – all while maintaining a safe distance.

“Despite the extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19 situation, we remain laser-focused on helping appraisers maintain the crucial services they provide, while also keeping them, and their clients, as safe as possible,” said Jay Shafer, executive of CoreLogic | a la mode. “PropertyAssist is an innovative yet simple way of accomplishing this, and we’re excited to offer it as a free solution for TOTAL users.”

PropertyAssist can be accessed through a la mode’s TOTAL. PropertyAssist is available starting today and can be utilized for new and existing appraisal orders.