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Partnership Brings Mortgage Business Intelligence To Lenders

CWDL has launched an exclusive partnership with Teraverde to bring the Coheus Mortgage Business Intelligence to its clients. As a CPA firm providing mortgage industry-specific audit, accounting, tax, and consulting services, this partnership allows CWDL to expand on its mission to bring transformational guidance to lenders.

The Coheus platform is a cloud-based solution that is fully integrated with Encompass® and Loan Vision®. Coheus is interactive, intuitive, and easy to use for managers and executives to directly manage valuable data insights. Coheus provides plug and play business intelligence, forecasting analytics, actionable insights, data integrity tools and a built-in use case playbook to provide immediate return on investment. The solution is up and running in two business days due to its extensive integration and simple configuration tool.

Coheus also enhances Encompass front line user operational productivity by adding fully integrated task management, service level management, data change management in the Encompass native environment. The solution may be purchased in its entirety or by individual components.

“We immediately recognized the parallels between Teraverde and CWDL,” said Mark Wilson, Managing Partner of CWDL. “We are two lender-founded firms who understand the needs of mortgage executives firsthand, and who share a consultative approach to helping our clients. This partnership joins the operational expertise of Teraverde with the accounting expertise of CWDL, bringing exponentially more value to our clients than either of us can individually. In a market where margins are thinning and productions are slowing, having the right tools and analytics to evaluate production – and the guidance to make sound decisions – is critical. We look forward to showing our clients how Coheus, coupled with our support, can uncover opportunities that generate more profit, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.”