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Waterstone Mortgage Approves Usherpa As LO CRM

Usherpa, a provider of enterprise CRM technology, has announced that another strong mortgage lender has approved the Usherpa Smart CRM for use by its loan officers. Waterstone Mortgage, a subsidiary of WaterStone Bank, has made the company’s marketing automation and relationship engagement technology available to its loan officers operating in the company’s West Region.

“Utilizing the best marketing and technology solutions is an important part of creating a competitive advantage for our loan professionals,” said Rich Harkwell, Waterstone Mortgage SVP – Chief Sales Officer. “Usherpa Smart CRM’s innovative functionality and exceptional support allow our loan officers reach a variety of contacts – so we can effectively communicate with, educate, and empower our customers and business partners as they begin or continue their homeownership journeys. Coupled with our other proprietary systems, this technology allows our loan originators to provide a streamlined, efficient home loan process for everyone involved.”

Waterstone Mortgage is one of the industry’s most innovative lenders. It created its own loan origination system, Element, an all-in-one platform for its customers, Realtor partners, and loan originators. Element is a digital experience that makes the loan application and loan approval processes simple and streamlined – saving time for everyone. Usherpa’s Smart CRM shares data seamlessly with the platform, making it easy for the company to uncover new lending opportunities in its past customer database and easy for loan officers to get new business into their pipelines.

“In the past, our team used Usherpa Smart CRM before transitioning to another CRM platform – which did not meet our expectations.” said Sue Millspaugh, Waterstone Mortgage Division Executive – West. “We are very excited to re-establish Usherpa as our company CRM, as we believe it’s the best CRM – with the highest functionality – for loan officers. Many of our loan originators have significantly enhanced their businesses by successfully using this technology to reach current and potential customers and business partners.”  

“Lenders who understand the power technology can offer their sales teams will achieve the most success in this market,” said Chris Harrington, President of Usherpa. “Waterstone is one of those lenders and we’re very proud to be working with them. Marketing automation is the key to increased productivity and higher sales and now every Waterstone loan officer has access to it with the Usherpa Smart CRM.”