Partnership Enables Appraisers To Leverage ClickFORMS To Create Appraisal Reports 

AppraisalWorks, a property valuation and appraisal management technology provider, announced that its AppraisalWorks platform now integrates with ClickFORMS. ClickFORMS is an appraisal software application developed by Bradford Technologies. The seamless integration allows appraisers on the AppraisalWorks platform to populate appraisal data and create reports in ClickFORMS, without having to enter data in multiple applications. The integration enables greater efficiency and ease-of-use for appraisers. 

“AppraisalWorks is excited to partner with Bradford Technologies,” said Ben Wiant, vice president for AppraisalWorks. “Our secure, robust integration with the ClickFORMS software simplifies appraisal creation for appraisers who are accustomed to using ClickFORMS for appraisals, while still allowing them to benefit from other aspects of the AppraisalWorks appraisal management system – delivering the best possible experience for appraisers on the platform and eliminating duplicate data entry.”

“We are very enthusiastic about our new partnership with AppraisalWorks,” said Jeff Bradford, CEO of Bradford Technologies. “We’re always looking to include new efficiencies in ClickFORMS and streamline the appraisal writing process for our appraisers and the combination of ClickFORMS and AppraisalWorks provides appraisers with a streamlined approach to appraisal management that combines our ease-of-use with the robust feature function and broad network of lenders and AMCs inherent in AppraisalWorks. It’s a win for both companies and the industry with increased productivity and access.”