Pavaso Launches A New Signing Experience

Pavaso, a provider of digital real estate closing technology, has released its new, optimized signing experience. With many new features and process improvements, and a cleaner look and feel, closing agents and participants will complete digital closing sessions even faster than before.

“We’re always enhancing the platform and improving our product offering to meet the industry’s needs, but this is much more than that,” said Laura Mowrer, President of Pavaso. “We incorporated feedback from our customers to reengineer the process with streamlined signing workflows and added many new elements to create an entirely new experience. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of the eClosing evolution and to announce this release of our all-new signing experience.”

Next week, Jay Hollis, SVP – Product Strategy, an original designer of the Pavaso platform, will be presenting the new experience at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV. He first presented Pavaso at this conference back in 2015 and stated, “Of the many demos I’ve had the opportunity to present at MBA Tech, I’m most excited about showing our new signing experience. From the very beginning, Pavaso has focused on improving the real estate closing process. Our new experience builds upon what we’ve learned over the past 10 years.”

With the recent acceleration of eClosing adoption, innovation within the real estate industry is at a pinnacle. As one of the first eClosing providers, Pavaso continues to benefit from its team of industry veterans and some of the original architects who started this digital transformation journey back in 2011. Their expertise continues to inspire the industry to expand digital closing processes and will continue to drive change for years to come.