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SitusAMC Launches Warehouse Administration Services To Help Warehouse Lenders

SitusAMC, the provider of solutions supporting the entire lifecycle of real estate finance, has launched its Warehouse Administration Services, a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled turnkey services to help warehouse lenders setup, execute, enhance and scale their warehouse businesses while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

SitusAMC’s Warehouse Administration Services builds on the company’s position as a proven technology leader in the warehouse financing space. SitusAMC currently supports more than 70 percent of the warehouse market through its ProMerit and WLS warehouse lending technologies, including 16 of the largest ranked financial institutions in the U.S. Together, the systems currently support more than $2 trillion in warehouse funds.

The company’s innovative technology is further bolstered by a global workforce with the scale to support clients of all sizes, as well as a team of warehouse experts with proven experience running and supporting warehouse businesses at some of the most respected organizations.

SitusAMC’s Warehouse Administration Services will be led by a team of seasoned professionals who will focus on efficiently arranging and executing new warehouse facilities; identifying, implementing, and managing technology; establishing and refining warehouse processes; and helping warehouse lenders seamlessly scale their operations. When compared to the traditional expense of working with in-house resources,the company’s warehouse services have the potential to help warehouse lenders reduce their costs by up to 30 percent*, leading to a significant increase in profitability.

“There are numerous challenges, complexities and obstacles associated with building and launching a warehouse lending franchise,” said Anthony Beshara, managing director and head of SitusAMC’s Warehouse Financing Solutions. “These issues are compounded by labor shortages, as many organizations are struggling to recruit and retain the talent they need.”

“Our Warehouse Administration Services address these challenges with a turnkey approach that shifts the responsibility of setting up, managing, and scaling a warehouse facility from the client to our team of experts,” Beshara said. “Our offering leverages our global workforce and proven technology to help our warehouse clients reduce costs and execute day-to-day operations more efficiently. Pair that with SitusAMC’s broader offering supporting the entire mortgage lifecycle, and you’ve got a one-stop-shop that delivers unparalleled value for our clients.”

SitusAMC’s Warehouse Administration Services have been designed to support new and established mortgage warehouse lenders and can be customized to fit a range of needs. Specific services include:

  • Technology implementation and ongoing support 
  • Warehouse facility set-up 
  • Execution of daily operations 
  • Compliance with banking standards 
  • Risk management

Beshara added, “As organizations look to set up warehouse facilities or scale their existing businesses, they can count on our technical skills, operations background, and proven experience running warehouse financing platforms to power new opportunities in their businesses.”