May/June 2022 Edition

Process Improvement Column: Calque Launches Alternate Lending Solution

Calque, a provider of alternative mortgage lending, has launched The Trade-In Mortgage with ALCOVA Mortgage in select markets. Together, Calque and ALCOVA will offer an innovative approach to mortgage lending with The Trade-In Mortgage.

Calque, launched in 2021, empowers homeowners to use the equity in their current home to buy their next home with the Trade-In Mortgage. Unlike other buy-first mortgage lending solutions, homeowners can choose their own real estate agent and work with ALCOVA to make a new-home purchase using a conventional loan without necessarily selling their existing home, first. Using the Trade-In Mortgage, a homebuyer can make a non-contingent offer that is as good as cash on a new home.

“Our mission at ALCOVA Mortgage is to ‘simplify the mortgage process’,” said Bobby Nicely, Owner of ALCOVA Mortgage. “We like to partner with companies who provide innovative solutions to overcome the obstacles that today’s homebuyers are facing. Our Richmond, Virginia, branches are a perfect testing ground to show how Calque can help minimize the complexities and stress that homeowners face when buying and selling homes at the same time—and that’s a win for everyone.”

ALCOVA identified Richmond, Virginia, as the ideal location to launch the program. Richmond is a purchase-driven market with hundreds of pre-qualified borrowers looking for their next home. For homeowners considering their next purchase, the ability to leverage a strong-equity position to acquire a home as if they were buying with cash is a powerful proposition. 

“Calque understands the challenges of a market with rising interest rates and limited supply,” said Peter Kallodayschsack, head of operations at Calque. “We selected ALCOVA Mortgage as the ideal partner to launch the Trade-In Mortgage in a market where equity is high and inventory is low.”