Jan./Feb. 2024 Edition

Editor’s Note: Partnership Delivers Digital Language Access Resources To LEP Borrowers

Digital language and limited English Proficiency (LEP) technology provider Talk’uments has partnered with Mortgage Cadence, a subsidiary of Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to offer multi-language resources to users of the Mortgage Cadence Platform (MCP) loan origination system.

The integration will help provide LEP applicants and users of MCP with transactional clarity as they digitally apply for mortgages and access key educational materials specific to their loans.

Users will now be able to access detailed financial education materials in multiple languages other than English, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin and more. Talk’uments’ digital language technology will further enable LEP users to better understand the key terms and features of their loans, including related costs, Loan Estimate (LE), Closing Disclosure (CD) and other TILA disclosures.

“We are thrilled to announce our integration with Talk’uments, now available with MCP 4.0.  Lenders on the Mortgage Cadence Platform will be able to extend their lending practices to LEP consumers, and offer an improved consumer experience through this unique, multilingual digital home loan solution,” says Jim Rosen, EVP of Services at Mortgage Cadence.

MCP is a cloud-based digital lending platform that is uniquely positioned to provide a complete and highly configurable, end-to-end single loan origination system. Featuring advanced automation, high-quality analytics, open services strategy and intuitive design, the platform delivers a seamless experience from application to closing.

Talk’uments is one of the first technology providers to provide multilingual technology resources for LEP mortgage applicants and borrowers. In partnering with the firm, Mortgage Cadence seeks to assist its clients and users with increased sales, building presence in emerging markets and differentiation during a competitive cycle. The partnership will also assist lenders to comply with state and federal LEP requirements.

“The most competitive lenders have already begun seeking new markets and better ways to serve them through technology,” said George Baker, CEO and Founder of Talk’uments. “The LEP market will only continue to grow, and lenders who are able to tear down the language barrier will have a sizeable competitive advantage. In partnering with one of the industry’s most CX-focused LOS developers, we expect to provide Mortgage Cadence users yet another compelling reason to invest in the platform.”