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Exceleras And Calque Form Strategic Partnership

Exceleras, a provider of software solutions that drive the right actions at the right time to accelerate property disposition, has formed a strategic partnership with Calque, the developers of the new Trade-In Mortgage solution. Calque will leverage Exceleras software to manage the disposition of real estate added into its portfolio, using the Exceleras workflow and national network real estate agents to find and engage local agents.

“This is an exciting partnership for Exceleras because it demonstrates that the capabilities built into our software provide value beyond the REO disposition process,” said Tom Simon, Exceleras CEO. “The homes that Calque acquires as part of its innovative iBuyer program are not distressed properties. These are great listing opportunities for the agents in our network.”

The Calque solution allows any home buyer to close on their new home before they sell their existing home. While there are other home purchase platforms that appear similar, Calque doesn’t act as a real estate agent for either buyer or seller and shares no direct involvement (and no conflict of interest) when it comes to pricing the home for purchase or sale. At this time, the Calque solution is available in a number of markets, including Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and California, but is expected to be available nationwide in 2023.

Exceleras provides a number of software products including DispoSolutions for Real Estate Owned (REO) disposition, the ValueSolutions collateral valuation management software and the ClearView Offer Management platform. The company’s tools have traditionally been used by default servicers, asset managers and REO agents, but add value in a range of applications. In addition, real estate investors across the country use the company’s real estate search engine to find properties to buy.

“After reviewing a number of solutions that promised to give our team full control of our process when we have to purchase a house, we chose Exceleras for its flexible and intuitive platform and cost-effective business model,” said Peter Kallodaychsak, Calque Head of Operations. “By giving the investors who use Exceleras software access to our portfolio of properties we’ll get better execution on every deal and the agents in the Exceleras network will profit from every sale.”