Firm Helps Lenders Accelerate Encompass Implementations

Teraverde (TVMA Inc.), a national advisory firm to lenders, has launched Teraverde’s Implementation Accelerator™ for the Encompass® loan origination system.  Teraverde’s Implementation Accelerator is a cloud-based solution to speed both the implementation of Encompass or the re-implementation and process improvements a lender is making to an existing instance.

The Implementation Accelerator helps clients quickly implement or reconfigure Encompass.  The Accelerator incorporates Teraverde’s extensive knowledge of Loan Origination Systems, Business Process and Best Practice.  Access to this knowledge is leveraged by the Accelerator.  Client business and process structures are quickly captured in the Accelerator so configuration and implementation occurs more quickly.

Maylin Casanueva, President of Teraverde stated, “We continuously seek ways to help clients become more efficient and productive.  The Implementation Accelerator ensures clients get both the best practice in the industry as well as the right practices for their business.”

Rob Peterson, Chief Technology Officer of Teraverde stated, “The Implementation Accelerator is the latest fusion of cloud-based technology, the Teraverde knowledge base and our team’s extensive 20 plus years of experience with the Encompass.  It’s a great way for our clients to learn and document their implementation both during and after their experience.”