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Identity Theft And Credit Report Monitoring Player Acquires Resident-Link

IDIQ, a provider of identity theft and credit report monitoring, has acquired Resident-Link, a service for the rental community to allow consumers access to help build and establish their credit.

IDIQ has acquired Resident-Link, formerly a division of the Fraud Protection Network, to help bring renters the tools they need to establish, build and positively impact their credit with rental-payment reporting. The service reports positive rental payment information as a credit tradeline, so on-time rental payments can positively impact credit scores.

“Resident-Link has a strong reputation with clients for delivering quality and consistency, using a high-touch approach,” said John Bauer, IDIQ president and chief revenue officer. “This acquisition is an important part of our company goal of financial inclusion and an opportunity for consumers to help their financial position.”

Resident-Link combines rental payment reporting along with credit reporting and identity theft protection. Services include the benefit of establishing and building credit through rental payment reporting as well as the peace of mind that comes from world-class fraud protection, risk mitigation and comprehensive screening and monitoring.

Resident-Link services are available through partnerships with participating property management companies, which is currently exclusively available to the multifamily rental community.  However, together with IDIQ the goal is to rapidly expand the network of property management companies and offer to consumers directly whether with a participating property management partner or not.

Resident-Link has built its business by customizing solutions for clients of all types from individuals seeking their first rental property to long-time multifamily residents who are building a solid credit history with regular, on-time payments.

“The acquisition expands the IDIQ membership-based suite of services that focus on protecting identity and credit. Resident-Link has innovative solutions that are going to blend seamlessly into the IDIQ family of products for consumers and businesses,” Bauer said. “By joining forces, we can grow our comprehensive solutions and create successful outcomes for consumers who are seeking the highest-quality identity theft protection and credit monitoring while working toward their financial goals.”

IDIQ is one of the fastest-growing companies in America, earning two consecutive spots on the prestigious Inc. 5000 List that has also featured Microsoft, Patagonia, Intuit and Under Armour as previous list honorees. In the past year, the company has had significant growth of its active customers on the platform, which has led to record revenue.  Additionally, over the last year the company has hired more than 125 employees to meet increased consumer demand for credit report and identity theft monitoring.