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Partnership Brings AI Capabilities To Appraisal Review

ClearValue Consulting, a provider of enterprise-class vendor management technology for the mortgage industry, finalized a partnership with ValueScape Analytics to use its artificial intelligence technology to enhance ClearValue Consulting’s CLARITY appraisal review engine.

The CLARITY Quality Control & Rules Engine improves the appraisal review process by using technology to quickly ensure investor compliance and reduce the time appraisers spend reviewing and correcting orders.

ValueScape Analytics uses AI through its Deep Learning Auditing Service, which verifies and creates evidence—or lack of evidence—that images, data and narrative in an appraisal report are accurate. ValueScape has processed more than 600,000 valuation reports and nearly 10 million images.

“ValueScape’s AI technology will improve our ability to ensure appraisal compliance and manage risk for our clients,” said Kevin Musick, president of ClearValue Consulting. “This partnership will also enable ClearValue to advance our quality control processes to further reduce the time and costs involved with appraisal reviews.”

“Our strategic partnership with ClearValue Consulting brings substantial improvements to our industry in service-level agreement (SLA), turnaround time, quality and intelligent decisioning in collateral risk assessment,” said William Leveson-Gower, CEO of ValueScape.

CLARITY works with all products, including traditional appraisals, hybrid and bifurcated valuations, broker price opinions (BPOs), and property inspections, as well as custom forms created within ClearValue’s ACUITY platform. It also proactively manages the ordering and prompt delivery of third-party products and services.

Musick said ClearValue recently reduced the time it takes to setup and configure CLARITY for clients, with the goal of creating a plug-and-play solution.