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ProTitleUSA Acquired Document Prep And Recording Company

ProTitleUSA has completed an acquisition of document preparation and recording firm, DocSolution, Inc., by Charles A. Brown and Associates, PLLC. The new company will continue operating under DocSolutionUSA, LLC dba DocSolution Inc, subsidiary of ProTitleUSA with the same staff in place, located in Pasadena, Texas. DocSolution, Inc. provides a wide variety of mortgage related services focusing on preparing and recording assignments, releases, subordination agreements, modifications and tracking for both SFR and reverse mortgage space. DocSolution, Inc. specializes in HUD Claim-22 assignment workflow for reverse mortgages, collateral review on mortgage portfolios and provides curative services.

All Charles A. Brown and Associates, PLLC employees based across the U.S. are expected to transfer to DocSolution Inc. as part of the acquisition.

Lori Lowe, Managing Director for Charles A. Brown and Associates, PLLC, will remain in the same capacity with DocSolution, Inc. She said, “We’re excited to join the ProTitleUSA family and implement the best-in-class technology in our company to dramatically increase production volume while maintaining the highest level of accuracy. We have worked together with ProTitleUSA for over 12 years and consider each other as family. We’re confident that as our businesses come together, our client proposition will be market-leading for all clients we service.”

AGOLD SERVICES INC D/B/A PROTITLEUSA (“ProTitleUSA”) is a provider of title search and analytics for capital markets. ProTitleUSA offers deal support with its revolutionary tax and title analytical dashboard, lien validation, seller rebuttals, curative services, unrecorded lien searches, securitization 15E form support, HUD reverse mortgage specialty products, as well as other unique products including but not limited to a commercial property product line, title company support, 2nd lien NPL/RPL and newly originated products.

DocSolution, Inc. is a document management firm providing services for most of the top 10 servicers in the market. DocSolution, Inc. has a fully US-based staff, headquartered in Pasadena, Texas. DocSolution’s product line includes release and assignment prep, tracking and recording, software automation for self-document prep and QC, business rule engine and workflow for HUD assignments, curative and claims, collateral review and data extraction products.