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ReverseVision Adds Two New Hires To Support Expansion

ReverseVision, a national provider of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and private reverse mortgage sales and origination technology, has added Eric Samuelson as vice president of finance and Andres Ochoa as systems administrator. The two positions will play key roles in optimizing internal functions and prepping the company to scale.

“The need for reverse products is poised to surge over the next five years, and as such we’re putting the necessary building blocks in place now in order to grow at a healthy rate and continue servicing our clients well,” said Joe Langner, president and CEO at ReverseVision. “The addition of Eric and Andres will establish financial controls and an operational infrastructure that helps us efficiently acclimate new employees and effectively onboard clients as ReverseVision manages expansion efforts.”

Eric Samuelson comes to ReverseVision with a background as a vice president and corporate controller working for multiple fast-moving and dynamic organizations spanning 25 years. He is known for his innovative, out of-the-box thinking that implements sound financial and accounting processes and procedures, which help run businesses efficiently, especially during growth modes.

Andres Ochoa joins ReverseVision’s IT team in the capacity of systems administrator where he will manage development of the company’s internal operational technology stack. Previously, he was an IT support specialist at San Diego Country Credit Union where he assisted the organization in navigating its technology needs through the height of the pandemic during social distancing and safety concerns.  Before that, he worked on Endpoint Management systems, deploying and supporting a largescale   enterprise network consisting of 18,000 corporate and point-of-sale endpoints for Jack in the Box and Qdoba. Andres is adept in all areas of internal systems and IT infrastructure management, which will be important in optimizing ReverseVision’s expansion.

In addition to their extensive experience and skill sets, both Eric and Andres are natural leaders who add valuable insight and guidance to their functional teams. ReverseVision will continue adding staff, resources and infrastructure as it grows, which will be announced throughout 2022.