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This edition of our magazine tackles pressing issues such as …

Servicers Need To Prepare For A Coming Storm
Executive Interview with Donna Schmidt, Managing Director and Founder at DLS Servicing
Getting Real About What Slows Down Lending—And Real Ways To Fix It
By Roby Robertson, Head of Mortgage Origination Automation Technology at LoanLogics
United In The Cloud: Creating A More Complete Borrower Journey
By Joey McDuffee, VP, Sales and Marketing at Blue Sage Solutions
Finding The Right Fit In The Mortgage Industry: A Match Made In Heaven
By Dalila Ramos, Founder at Love and Tacos Media
Transforming Mortgage Sales With AI: A Case Study Of Ladera Lending’s Success
By Josh Friend, Founder & CEO at Insellerate
Editor’s Note: Strategic Hires Are Happening
By Tony Garritano, Founder at PROGRESS in Lending