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The Path To Recovery

This issue of our newspaper tackles pressing issues such as …

Reducing The Cost Of Origination From $12,500 To $6,300.  Impossible?
By James M. Deitch, Co-Founder & CEO at Teraverde
Revolutionizing Mortgage Sales: The Dawn Of AI And Automation
By Josh Friend, Founder & CEO at Insellerate
Enhance Your Mortgage Business With Social Media Strategies
By Dalila Ramos, Founder at Love and Tacos Media
Managing Origination Costs With Intelligent Automation
By Mike Laliberte, CRO at Shastic
Unveiling The Distinction: Marketing Executors vs. Strategic Architects
By Michael Hammond, Founder & President at NexLevel Advisors
Recovery Is On The Way
Lending Laughs Cartoon
Editor’s Note: Former Chief Compliance Officers Launch New Firm
By Tony Garritano, Founder at PROGRESS in Lending