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Voxtur Launches VoxturRateAdvisor To Enhance Homeownership Affordability

Voxtur Analytics Corp. (TSXV: VXTR; OTCQB: VXTRF), a technology company creating a more transparent and accessible real estate lending ecosystem, has launched VoxturRateAdvisor, a title insurance technology platform designed to present users with information on the right title product, the most competitive rates and services available on the market.

VoxturRateAdvisor offers users the best solution for their given situation, whether that is traditional title insurance or the Voxtur AOL title alternative, aiming to provide competitive pricing for borrowers with the ultimate goal of making homeownership more affordable for consumers. It meticulously compares title products and rates from Voxtur’s deep network of title providers, underwriters, and tailored rates across states, guaranteeing access to the most competitive pricing for title and settlement services.

VoxturRateAdvisor’s user-friendly dashboard provides a seamless and consistent experience across various Loan Origination Platforms, offering a single-point, single-entry portal for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

In effect, VoxturRateAdvisor revolutionizes the landscape for lenders and real estate professionals by offering a comprehensive array of transaction-level products tailored to match loan criteria, property type, location, and borrower profiles. This includes many traditional and alternative title products, ensuring optimal price execution for every transaction.

“We are thrilled to introduce VoxturRateAdvisor as part of our ongoing mission to make homeownership more affordable for everyone,” said Gary Yeoman, Chief Executive Officer of Voxtur. “Through VoxturRateAdvisor, we empower our clients with unparalleled access to the best pricing and services available in the market, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective journey to homeownership for consumers.”

The launch of VoxturRateAdvisor follows the release of Voxtur Verify, a workflow software designed to simplify real estate transactions for title agents, underwriters and loan officers.