March/April 2023 Issue

What Customer Service Looks Like

Have you ever wondered what good service means? It’s about more than just everything working perfectly or being fast and easy. I recently stayed at the Wynn for the Ice Technology conference, and the staff at the Wynn reminded me of what good service truly entails.
Sure, they missed a few things and even forgot to clean my room one day, but every person I spoke to had shown that they genuinely cared about my experience. They’re empowered to make a change or difference and use language indicating they genuinely want to help. When I ask for additional assistance, they don’t just brush me off or give me the runaround. Instead, they tell me exactly how they can help and follow through on their promises.
The truth is that every company will make mistakes and have issues. The key is how they handle those mistakes and how they teach their employees to provide good service. At the Wynn, it’s evident that there has been some serious customer service training. From how they answer the phone to their polite language, everything is intentional and geared toward making the customer feel cared for and valued.
It’s not about never making a mistake, but rather how you handle those mistakes and how you make the customer feel at the end of the day. As the saying goes, “When you mess up, fess up.” It’s about empowering your employees to care and finding those who genuinely want to help. Rewarding your employees for thinking of the customer and making things right sets a precedent for others to do the same.
So if you want to know what good service means, it’s about empowering your people to care and giving them the ability to make things right. When more and more people begin to do that, your service will change for the better.